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covid-19 test BOOKING

COVID-19 Tests are now available at all HeartlandHealth Clinics

  • Acute Respiratory Infection / Positive Contact (TTSH) Case

  • Pre-Departure PCR Swab Test

  • IgM and/or IgG Antibody Blood Test

  • Antigen Rapid Test (ART)



Regular checks are recommended to ensure that you are in the best state of health.  We follow national guidelines for health screening and also are a supporter of Screen-For-Life (SFL), the MOH-sponsored health screening programme.


Prevention is better than cure - we aim to ensure that you are well-covered, whether it is according to the latest Adult Immunization Guidelines, or for specific cases involving travel abroad to foreign countries.

Minor surgery/


Many of our Family Physicians have years of training and experience in minor surgical procedures and are adept at treating wounds, suturing cuts and removing lumps and bumps.  We also remove foreign objects from the eye / nose / ear and throat.

Chronic disease follow up

We take care of all chronic diseases according to the latest practice guidelines using evidence-based medicine.  We aim to preserve a healthy and long life preventing complications while also minizing side effects of medications.

Acute illness

We treat all acute illnesses from minor to severe.  We aim to give you timely and effective treatment without you having to queue at an emergency department, whether the patient is an infant or an elderly person.

Baby & Children's Health

Our doctors are adept at treating most common children's illnesses, from the various causes of fever to injuries suffered while playing.  We do well-baby examinations to ensure developmental milestones, and also do infant and childhood vaccinations according to the National Immunization Schedule.


Participation in Government Schemes

We accept the following schemes in all of our clinics


Community Health Assist Scheme

The CHAS offers most help to lower-income families and / or retired Singaporeans with the goal of subsidizing acute and chronic care at GP clinics such as ours.


Pioneer Generation

The Pioneer Generation is supported in GP clinics like ours via subsidies for both acute and chronic care.


The Merdeka Generation is supported in GP clinics like ours via subsidies for both acute and chronic care.

MErDeka Generation



We are Medisave accredited, and Medisave can be used for medical bills via the Chronic Disease Management Programme (CDMP) and Approved Vaccinations under the Medisave500 scheme.  FlexiMedisave is open to all Singaporeans above the age of 60 to use a part of their Medisave at GP clinics such as ours for treatment of any medical condition.


Additionally, you can use Medisave for your Day Surgery expenses at all of our clinics as well.


Baby Bonus

Your child's BB / CDA account can be used at our clinics - simply bring your child's CDA NETS card and debits can be made for any medical treatments done at our clinics.

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MBS @ Gov

MBS@Gov allows participating medical clinics to directly bill the Government's share of medical expenses incurred by civil servants, pensioners and their dependants. You will only need to pay your share of medical bills to the clinics upfront.

Operating Hours / Locations


Monday - Sunday (including Public Holidays)

8:00AM -   12:45PM

6:00PM - 10:45PM               




We are a medical group aiming to bring quality-oriented primary care to the HDB heartlands of Singapore.

We are open every day of the year to continuously serve patients, including on Public Holidays!

We aim to bring the best value to our patients.

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